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My head doesn't hurt nearly as much today, and the pain has been getting steadily less. Which probably means that my memory will be returning soon. I went online and found out that when that happens, I'll more than likely not remember these last few days. Now, as much as my confrontation with River was not my proudest moment, the thought of anymore memory loss scares me, so here's a brief rundown of what happened.

I woke up on friday morning with no memory of who or where I was. I found my wallet and ID which answered that question, and found the workshop schedule, which got me to...Applied Dadaism? Very strange group therapy session which I suppose was supposed to help us get it all out of our systems.

It didn't seem to work though, because at the go-kart race that night there was a Jello fight. That may have been weirder if I hadn't already started to figure out what this place was.

I managed to not freak out too many people in my wanderings, until I pissed off River of course. But Gwynn (and we have good taste yes?), Pippi and the asian girl took it all in stride. Now, I figured that this place was either a rehab, or a home for schizophrenics, since what everyone's been saying seems to lead in that direction. Am I right? Guess I'll find out.

If I am here for re-hab, stay on the wagon buddy! If it's for something else, hang in there.
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Nope. Still no memory. But I do remember what happened yesterday, which is a good sign I think. It means that I'm not still losing memories. Of course this place is still realy confusing.
Well I can lie in bed and brood, or go out and explore, and see if anything comes back. I choose the latter.

anyone wanna come chat before Tim heads out?
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Okay, my head didn't hurt anymore which was a good thing I think. My neck kind of twinged in protest when I turned my head too far in one direction though. but I kind of didn't worry about that as, I didn't know where I was, how I'd gotten here, or, upon own name.

Well fortunately I'd gone to sleep in my clothes, so my wallet was in my pocket. Okay, name and home address, check.
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"C'mon, pick up....Hobson! Good, glad you're there...I don't know where else you'd be, even Hobgoblin Butlers have social lives don't they? Listen that's not important. Is Yang there? On his way? Good. Okay will my wand, sword, whatever, will it affect ghosts?"

"Hmm, I'm not certain sir. ghosts are not quite Fae."

"yang's a Ghost, and Teleri's almost one."

"A good point sir. I'll have to look into it, the original edition of the instructions are here, as is the customer service number. I shall get back to you on that. Ah, here's Yang."

"Tim! How goes it?! Deflower any virgins yet?"

"I...what? No-"

"Why not?! My beloved Granddaughter's abandoned us both! Move on boy! I have! All those girls you talk about down there and you can't have sex with any of them? I don't think you're trying."

"Honestly I'm not-"

"I just can't help you."

"Yang shut up for a minute about sex. I know it's hard....stop giggling, you know what I mean. I hope you do anyway. Listen, I need an insider's perspective. How do you get rid of ghosts?...No, I am not trying to get rid of you."
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Duct tape + flashlight + baseball cap = miner's helmet lamp.

Dear mom )

It was a nice night.
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I considered drinking some, well, a lot of the Elven Wine to make me feel better. But then I decided that I didn't want to feel better.

Monsters? Demons? who needs them when you've got humans?

available for SP
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This better not be a mistake. I pull out the package from Eleziane and pull out a bottle of the wine. I'm often a cautious person, when I'm not feeling apparently suicidal so I make a firm decision. No more than two glasses each.

mostly sp with river, but anyone else (specially Gwynn) is welcome to come chat. or something
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I was tired and confused when I got back to my room after the movies. So I wasn't entirely sure the package sitting on my bed wasn't a hallucination. They seemed to be going around.
But hallucination or not, I opened the box, and found two, dark green bottles within, carefully packaged, with a note.

Dear Dread Tim,
Hobson thought you might like some of this, our finest vintage available. Enjoy.

Foreverly Gratefull,
P.S. Do not tell my father I sent you this.

Frowning, I closed the box again and stashed it under my bed.
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The story tonight made me think of people, Human and otherwise that I hadn't thought about in at least a week.
Everynow and then when I was a kid I'd sit up on the roof of the building watching the sunset. Usually when I was wishing Dad were around, or later, pining for the Lovely and Aloof T'ing Hau Kaplan.
I missed the sunset, so instead I decided to do the star gazing thing.

would welcome and interruption.
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I don't keep a journal or diary per se. But recently I have started keeping notes on things. Just jotting down things that happen, that I hear, or see.

Because it's occured to me that one day I may just want to tell these stories. I kinda think it goes hand in hand with my work with the Fae.

So I started to jot some stuff down )

open for interaction
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Weird day. The burn on my hand mostly stopped hurting, but my finger still ached. I rinsed off the dried blood from my finger, but the minute I did, it started bleeding again! Was I going to need stitches? Fresh band aid with neosporin, and I flopped onto my bed. First the accident at the diner, then the weirdness with Pippi. Maybe my brain decided to honor the sabbath and not work.

door's open folks!
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Damnit my hand still hurt, and it looked like I might have to change the band-aid on my finger again. What is it about cuts in your finger, they never seem to stop bleeding?

open for interaction
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Dear T'ing, )

Damn that took a long time to write.

you ain't kidding tim
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After my earlier wanderings, I returned to my bunk, and found a postcard on the mattress.

I looked at the picture. Chinese countryside. T'ing. I debated not reading it.

"Dear Tim,

Your mother told me what happened, please write and let me know how things are.


That's it. no Love, no Sincerely, no Your Friend. Just, T'ing. Okay so it's a postcard, how mushy can those things be?

open for interaction. come prevent the emo outbreak

Dear Tim

May. 19th, 2006 05:32 pm
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Another day another letter from home it seems. )

Hmm. Unseelie eh? I'd better see what I can do about that. And Hobson might be right about that purification thing he mentioned in his letter. Looks like I'm going back to the weapons locker. First though, I call the number. Not without a bit of hesitation mind you. I just hope this official apology doesn't involve a parade or something. Lord Palamon has the habit of overdoing it sometimes.

Tim has posted a thing on his door saying whether he's in or not. Right now, he's not.
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"Hey Hobson. Is mom there? yes everythings....fine. I'll tell you all about it later, I've got limited minutes on this card. Just put Mom on."

"Hey Mom! yes I know yesterday was Mother's day, that's why I'm calling."

"Well, to be honest I was a little busy yesterday mom....posessed people. Possible concussion."
"Oh Tim," was all mom said. Great. Just great, she either thought I was crazy again or would pull me out of the school, and despite the crazy, I kinda like it here.
"I'm fine Mom. Some folks needed help, and it was kinda my jurisdiction...Yes one of those possesed was by a Faerie...I didn't know they could do that either...I can't talk long Mom this card might run out. I just called to say Happy Mother's Day. I'll sit down later and write out a detailed report okay? Cause I know everyone else is gonna want to know what's going on down here too...Okay, love you too mom. Bye."

I hung up the phone and laid down on my bed. My head was starting to hurt a little.

[ooc: door's open folks!]
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diddleliddlela, diddleliddlela, diddleliddlela )

[ooc: that's the waynes world dream sequence cue in case you were confused]

Let's Roll

May. 14th, 2006 02:20 pm
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I open the top drawer of my dresser and pull out the instructions for my wand. Wait a minute, didn't this weigh more when Hobson gave it to me?

Sir, I think you might find these easier to understand. Just in case you need to use it.

"How does he DO that?" Still, at a quick glance, I understand these much better. "Why couldn't they just have said that?" I ask myself. "Everything's gotta be jargon." I'll probably need to hide the wand, so I grab my duffel bag from under the bed, and something tumbles out onto the floor. I stare at it. I REALLY don't want to need that. But, I'd hate to have Teleri miss her chance. I pick it up and shove it in my pocket. Let's roll...


May. 12th, 2006 05:39 pm
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After returning to my room, I found nametags and a sharpie awaiting me. "Well that was thoughtfull."
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Calling Home )
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