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Why Tim felt the need to run outside the moment he woke up he wasn't sure. Assure himself everything was still standing perhaps?

That had been...a most unpleasant dream, to say the least. And now there was another thing he needed to do.

He called Gwynn. He couldn't remember precisely, but the dream had left him with a sick fear for her in his heart.

[For Gwynn mostly, but open.]
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Due to extra classes, it had taken Tim longer than the usual four years, but graduation was rapidly approaching. And he had just gotten word that Faust had finally offered to 'make an honest woman' out of his mother. They hadn't set a date yet but Faust had asked Tim to be his best man.

The difficulty was that his mother had separately asked him to give her away. He knew where his priorities lay of course. But how to let Faust down gently?
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Tim looked pensively at the paperwork before him, not really seeing it. He'd already dealt with it anyway.

It was all settled. He'd been accepted to a Masters degree program in London that would commence next year. He'd be sharing a flat with his oldest friends T'ing, Neil and Eleziane. This was not actually what was causing him to look pensively at the paperwork before him though. No, it was the fact that Neil had secretly attended, and was all set to graduate from NYU as a creative writing major.

It wasn't that he'd thought Neil was stupid. It was just that he'd never pegged Neil as someone who'd be interested in going to school when he didn't have to. It just went to show how wrong you could be about people.

[For calls and the like.]
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Tim didn't drink to excess very often. Last night had wound up being an exception. As he discovered upon waking, and wishing the nothing had taken him, that while Elvish Wine has no ill effects afterwards, that clause was void if you mixed it with Faery Rum.

But by the afternoon, he was beginning to feel a little better. He no longer wished he did not exist.

[Open for calls or the girlfriend.]
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The Condo looked just as it had when Tim had left for London a few months ago, except that it now had a Christmas tree, and a fair amount of presents under it.

Tim was trying not to dwell on the fact that this was one of the first Christmases they could actually afford a tree, much less have room for one.

In any case, there was music, there was egg nog, and there were holiday movies playing on the VCR. Sorry, no DVD or HD yet.

There was also a Banshee, her husband and oldest daughter, an Elf Princess and her boyfriend, an ancestral spirit, and a bannik in attendance. And a hobgoblin was serving drinks and snacks. Happy Holidays.

[Open to all, specially Tim's friends. Up early due to working late.]
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Holiday Party in New York.

In honor of us all existing again, I have acquired the services of a very nice condo in New York for a party next week. Round about Wednesday. All are welcome.
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Tim was taking advantage of the temporary peace and safety to get some quality brooding done. Portalocity had confirmed that his world was gone. For the moment his version of Faery was still intact, but his world, everyone he knew and loved there, were gone.

T'ing, Neil, Eleziane, Faust, Hobson...his mother. All gone in the blink of an eye before he even knew what had happened. Yang had been in the middle of trying to answer the question "if you don't have a descendant how can you be an ancestral spirit" when he too had disappeared. And don't ask how a ghost was able to use a cell phone.

The last time Tim remembered crying was when Baba Yaga had put his mother under the old, Hundred Year Sleep spell. This? This was a thousand times worse. So bad that he couldn't even process it enough to cry. He was just numb.

[Open for Gwynn or Eve if they're of a mind to.]
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Tim had been visiting Teleri and her family when the Fandom Effect struck. The kids were kind of fascinated to get to play with Uncle Tim while he was a wee tiny. Even Nuala, the baby was older than Tim by about a year now. They'd learned that he sucked his middle and ring fingers, and that he liked the swings, but not the slide. And they wondered at what point he'd gotten over his dislike of rough housing. They'd been scolded by mother for being too rough with the poor lad, who was already very confused as to where he was.

Teleri herself was quite bemused by it herself. She cooed and fussed over him a great deal. And wished she could get T'ing over here to see this.

At the same time, she and Runyon were frantic trying to figure out what sort of spell their champion was under.
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I won't say I was overjoyed when I arrived at Heathrow only to be met by my long lost Hobgoblin Butler Hobson. 'Cause, I'm in England now and I don't wanna come across as one of those over emotional Americans. So let's say I was pleasantly surprised.

He smoothed things over in terms of catching a cab to the building they were housing the exchange students in, and explaining the proper tipping etiquette. I figured I didn't really need help with that, I'm a New Yorker. I know how to tip. With...American money. So, yeah again, glad he was there. I don't know what the cabbie saw him as, but the guy definitely saw him. And at his actual height. But he didn't act like anything unusual was happening. So either he saw him as a human, or the guy's used to seeing the Fae.

But I'll be damned if I let Hobson help me out with the subway, or, 'underground' or is it 'tube'? I'll call him if I get hopelessly lost, but again, New Yorker. If a Minotaur gets lost on our subway system, and I can figure it out, how hard could the subway be?

Then once I got my stuff unpacked, Hobson let's loose with this little tidbit:

"And, their Majesties, the King and Queen of the Fae request the honor or your presence at your earliest convenience Sir."

"Is that British for 'get your butt over here now'?" I asked.

"Oh good heavens no Sir. If that were the case they would have had your invitation presented in writing. They would however appreciate knowing when it is you plan to attend court so they can make a proper ceremony of it."

Ceremony? Crap. Guess it's a good thing I packed that suit I tried not to let Faust buy for me.

[Open for calls and the like, and even visits from the Girlfriend.]
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"You're checking your sword?" Tim's mother asked, worried.

"Well I can't exactly bring it as carry on can I?" Tim countered. "What's the problem?"

"Suppose they lose your luggage? You don't know the range on your ability to summon it."

Well she had him there. Tim scratched his head. He had been advised strongly by Teleri and Eleziane and even her father that if he was traveling to the Old Country it was imperative that he have the sword.

"Plenty o' the Good Folk never left th' Isles." Teleri had warned him. "An' we dinnae know if they'll accept ye as the Dread and Puissant Champion of the Fae wi'out th' mark o' office."

"Maybe you could mail it?" Tim said. "Like, express?"

[Open for the girlfriend, or hell, anyone else who somehow has his number. Tim's leaving for a semester in London.]
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Tim wasn't sure he quite got the point of the light show. Okay sure, it was pretty, but, very unnecessary. Just lights on the falls would have sufficed, they didn't need to be multi-colored.

This of course did not stop him from taking an inordinate amount of pictures.

[For the girlfriend]
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"I don't understand." Eleziane said. Neil's offered hand over the log across the path was unnecessary, but accepted anyway. "What is this Jersey Devil, and why wasn't it in the Leeside with the rest of us?"

Tim had seen the Elf princess in formal Fae dress, and in typical rich New York teen garb. And she looked equally beautiful in both. And now her outdoorsy outfit looked good on her too.

The only other people he'd seen who could pull that off were T'ing and Gwynn.

"If I had to hazard a guess," Tim said, "It's because not enough people agreed that it didn't or couldn't exist. Old world beliefs and superstitions and stuff tends to survive better in rural areas I think."

Neil scowled. "Great. Judgin' by the creeps we dealt with in the past, that probably means we're gonna run into some kinda redneck demon 'r somethin'."

"You done taken a wrong turn city mortals." Eleziane growled. Tim wondered when she'd seen that movie.

[For Gwynn should she wish.]
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Anyone wanna go look for the Jersey Devil?
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"Say it ain't so Des." Neil said plaintively.

"Wish I could Neil, but I saw it with my own eyes. Well before I changed the channel. But I'm afraid 'The Real World' is only the beginning."

Neil shook his head and took his shot. Scratch. "Remind me to never watch TV after 2000."

"Remind me to thank Faust for letting us crash here while he and my mom are up state."

Neil looked over at Yang, passed out on the couch. "Yeah, crash is right. I thought Mongols could hold their liquor."

"Apparently even ghosts have their limits."

"Ancestral spirit." T'ing said absently. She was going over the paperwork for her semester abroad. Which reminded Tim that he needed to make sure all his was in order. Most rising seniors might not stress as much as he was to make sure all his t's were crossed and such, but most rising seniors didn't have to worry about local Fae politics.

[Open for the girlfriend, or texts/calls/visits from other friends.]
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He'd moved back on Campus only a month or so ago, and already he was sort of missing Fandom. The craziness and the people, which was weird because even with most of the Fae off in Arcadia, there was still plenty of craziness in his own world.

But the main reason he'd had for staying on the island now lived in New York anyway. So it made sense to save money and live here now.

Tim could count on one hand the number of years he'd had a girlfriend on Valentines Day. So he should be excited right? Well he was. But he was also a little depressed that he hadn't gotten any unexpected tiny visitors, as he heard on the radio Fandom had.

Also he was still trying to figure out just the right gift for Gwynn. He was thinking something archery related, given the whole Cupid thing. Neil had suggested something from Aphrodite's shop in Fandom. This had made Tim forget that Neil was twice his size, and had punched him in the arm.

The back of Tim's head was still a little sore.

[Open for calls and texts and e-mails and the like. Specially from the girlfriend.]
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Baba Yaga had once lamented that Tim was not a "naughty boy by nature". This might be partly why he had resisted the advances of Teleri the Banshee the two or three times she'd thrown herself at him. One time even literally.

But he did have hormones the same as anyone else, and he did have a beautiful girlfriend.

So while there were no conscious thoughts of seduction in his mind as he set up for his date with Gwynn, things did seem to be taking off in that direction. Candles, a semi-home cooked meal. (It was a really good take out place) And of course, Elven wine.

[For the above mentioned girl friend. Content may become NWS.]
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"Now Hobson," Tim said as he opened the front door and led his visitors inside. "Try to refrain from cleaning or anything for at least a half hour okay? You aren't technically my butler anymore. You're a guest."
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Or is anyone else getting random pings on old posts from what appear to be bots?
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Hiya folks as you will no doubt see, I have changed Tim's PB to Eric Stoltz, partly to age him a bit, and partly due to there being more pics of Eric Stoltz. But, pretend he always looked like this please?
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