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The next time Tim came to, Marsh was sitting at the table in the room. "Marsh? What the hell is going on? Did you hit me?"

"Yes Tim I did. I thought maybe otherwise you'd actually come up with a plan of escape, and well that didn't work for us."

"Us? What...where are we?"

Marsh sighed. "You know Tim for someone chosen to be the spokesman for the Fae in America, you're depressingly ignorant of your own family history. Why do you think they chose you?"

Tim's head felt better, but his stomach was still unhappy, which distracted him. Were they on a boat? And since when did Marsh actually know about the fae? Much less Tim's connection to them? "Chose father-"

"Yes that's right, your father. And do you really think that was a coincidence? Somehow, your father found a random portal to the Leeside, heard a cry for help and ran to the rescue? He found it because of who he was. Because of what you both are.

"Timothy Alfred Desmond, Grand and Puissant Champion of the Fae. And direct descendant of the Tuatha De Danan."


"You do know who they were I hope. Tell me your studies haven't all been for nothing."

So many questions and objections crowded into Tim's mind. He managed to sum them all up.


"It's a lot to take in, I know. We might even have time for further discussions before the ceremony. But for now I'm going to make this very simple. Your family invaded my country, killed my people and drove the rest of us into exile. We're going to kill you Tim. I just wanted you to understand why."

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