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Neil hat taken to calling their apartment in London The Flat. As if he was trying to remind himself what Brits called them.

Tim didn't usually worry about that. He was a Yank, studying abroad. As one of his classmates had said "tell them you're American, they won't expect as much".

He conformed in a lot of ways, but felt that abandoning slang deliberately was too much effort. If he started calling it The Flat, rather than the apartment, naturally, then so be it.

He had in fact been calling fries, chips, for some time now.

In any case that wasn't what he was pondering right now. He'd begun the final year of his schooling, and he had some pretty big decisions to make. He could, go for a higher degree, or attempt to venture out into the world to make his fortune. Of course with an advanced degree in Mythology and Folklore he didn't think there were many options employment-wise.

But then, he suspected he'd reached the point in his life, where such decisions were not for him alone. There was one other very important matter. And she'd played such a vital role in his life so far, that he figured it was time to consult her on such matters.

[For the girlfriend.]
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