Apr. 25th, 2015

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One nice thing about this lost island, it was warm, even at night. Which was good because they hadn't been able to risk a fire. Gobo, being a natural at exploring unknown areas, or possibly just having an instinct for finding caves, had found them a nice place hidden behind some undergrowth and boulders. The cave floor was covered with a deep enough layer of sand to make it somewhat comfortable to sleep on.

That was the extent of their luck that night however. They'd reached the top of a cliff, with no easy way down, and still no sign of the shore. And though they had the opportunity to rest, they were unable to find any way to remove Tim's shackles. There weren't any locks to pick, or rocks big enough to try breaking the chain connecting them.

“That would probably make a lot of noise anyway eh?” Gobo suggested.

Robin then explained that after graduating college, he'd decided to spend the summer in Fraggle Rock. He and Gobo had been exploring, and found a passageway that his friend was sure no one had ever found before. And it of course, led them right into Ana's cell.

The two Muppets, Tim, and Leda had taken turns keeping watch, but the night had been uneventful.

Before Ana woke up, Tim and Leda had a brief conversation about the plan.

“What do you think our chances are?” Tim asked.

“Not good.” she shrugged. “They're sure to figure out we'd try for the docks. Unfortunately that's really our only escape. So we'll have to chance it. Probably one of us will have to sacrifice ourselves, cause a distraction or something so the other can get Ana to a boat.”

“Why are you so fucking calm about all this?” Tim snapped.

“I don't know. I suppose I ought to be scared. Or angry. But I'm not. Do you suppose it's possible to get so scared that you lose the capacity for it?”


“Do you suppose last night was their only shot?” Robin asked. “In the movies rituals like that have to be performed at a specific time.”

“Somehow I doubt they'll just let us go, even if that were the case.”

“There's gotta be people looking for us.” Tim said. “I mean, people we want to find us. Ana's dad, Gwynn, hell, the Queen of the Elves can't just vanish without people noticing.”

That gave Leda pause. “Huh. Yes you're right. And both your world and mine have magic. But this operation was planned out very well. Surely the Fomorians would have taken that into account.”

“That's a lot of factors to keep track of.” Tim said firmly. “If you don't mind, I'll hold out some hope of the cavalry riding over the hill.”

“You do that.”

[Continued from here.]
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Their pursuers caught up with them at dawn the next day. Well, intercepted. As it turned out, none of them knew how to track. They were either aquatic Fae, or had grown up in a land environment not conducive to tracking down escaped prisoners on a tropical island.

But sure enough they had realized that the only hope of salvation the trio had was in getting to a boat. So they'd started there, and began searching all possible avenues to the dock.

“Hide!” Tim hissed at Robin and Gobo. “You're our ace in the hole no pun intended.”

Loathe to leave their friends, the tiny adventurers never the less heeded Tim's advice.

He launched himself at the nearest Fomorian, a seven foot fish man with teeth like an angler-fish.

“Get Ana out of here!” he cried to Leda. He was sort of armed, but he knew that Leda stood a much better chance of getting the kid to safety.

Reflexively, the Fomor tried to bite his attacker. Which failed. Sort of. He did manage to recapture Tim, in a manner of speaking.

While Leda fled with Ana, who kept wanting to go back and help, everyone else just sort of stared at Tim, and his captor. The chain of the shackles was tangled in the thing's teeth. It stood there, not sure what to do now, Tim dangling by the wrists from it's mouth.

“Well.” he sighed. “Don't leave me hanging.”

[Up early for reasons. Continued from the previous post in this journal. And to be continued here.]

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