Feb. 25th, 2015

grand_fallguy: (woah!)
Tim woke with a start, and a strangled gasp, jerking up in his seat. Which scared a short yelp from the man sitting next to him. Marsh, a fellow American student looked around embarrassed. None of the other passengers seemed to have noticed anything, so he turned to Tim.

"What was that?" he asked. "You scared the bejabbers out of me."

Tim honestly wasn't sure. He had a vague recollection of a nightmare, but it was fading quickly. He rubbed his face to further wake himself up. "Sorry. Uh, falling dream."

Marsh winced. "Oh I hate those. Heights." He shuddered. "Anyway it looks like we're here." The poor guy had some trouble maneuvering his bags and himself out the door, and might have fallen out had Tim not caught him.


"All part of the service. Now. I suppose it's too late to check in at the University, but I've got a line on a decent bed and breakfast in town."

"That's good. But I've got an uncle putting me up tonight. I suppose I'll see you in the morning."

"Yeah probably. Nice meeting you Barney."

"You too Tim." As Marsh headed off, lugging his bags and searching for a familiar face, Tim heard him start lecturing to himself. "Not really an Uncle though. More like a fourth cousin or something. Twice removed I think..."

Tim shook his head, amused. Then he sent Gwynn a text informing her he'd arrived safely, and found an out of the way spot to catch a portal to Teleri and Runyon's place.

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