Jan. 7th, 2014

grand_fallguy: (woah!)
Returning from the Christmas holiday, Tim was jet-lagged and tired, and thus did not notice the figure on the couch at first. Not till he flopped down beside it, and cast a casual glance in that direction.

"Woah!" He jerked back, startled. There was what appeared to be some sort of Fae creature sitting lifeless and mutilated on the far end. Tim leaped up from the couch, summoning his sword to his hand.

But in the glow given off by the blade he saw that he had perhaps over-reacted a touch. It was not in fact, a real Fae. But a half constructed...something. Was it a puppet? A robot?

Eleziane burst into the room. "My Lord what's wrong?" A ball of energy sparked in her palm, ready for throwing. Then she too saw what was on the couch. "Oh. Balls." She dismissed her magic missile. "I'm so sorry, I forgot I'd left that there." It dangled limply over her arm. "I started an apprenticeship with the Henson company, and they let me take one of their old Goblin Maze puppets to tinker with.

"I thought you were studying costume design."

"I am. But I'm branching out as well. Partly because I've hopes of someday getting them to adapt Neil's manuscript."

"This is weird in so many ways." Tim said. And as a veteran of Fandom, he would know.

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